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Marketing Strategies


Marketing Is Not About Your Products

A marketing strategy involves the “how”!

  1. Internet Marketing
  2. Advertising Techniques
  3. Afiiliate Marketing
  4. Guerilla Marketing

Using Internet Marketing

Explain the basics of Internet Marketing

What Are Advertising Techniques

What advertising techniques should be used, or avoided.

What Is Affiliate Markeing

How do you affiliate marketing and what are the benefits.

How Do You Use Guerilla Marketing

Just what is guerilla marketing.



rand Loyalty Building: Build the Store – Always Sell the Store

2. The Stadium Pitch / The “Core Story” Concept

At any given time for any Product or Service in any Given Market:

  1. Buying Now – 3%
  2. Open to it – 6%
  3. Not Thinking about it – 30%
  4. Think they’re not interested – 30%
  5. Definitely Not interested ever – 30%

A great stadium pitch will drive buyers up the pyramid.

So in your stadium, the majority are NOT interested. What could we say that would make them interested right now? What could you say to those who think they do not need your product or services right now, that would get them to say what’s that? That’s the strategic challenge.

If you can get those who don’t think they’re interested in your products or services right now to ask about them, how interested will those who are already interested be?

Whatever you do in that stadium should actually be done with each person one-on-one.

The Stadium exercise is to get you to think strategically before you operate tactically.

Evolution you be targeting for your business model? Let’s do an exercise:

If you have happy customers they’re actually assets that you can leverage for business in different ways.