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Your Website Is A Business Asset


Is your business website a digital asset or liability for your business? Statistical surveys vary concerning websites, but in general, over 50% of business website owners view their website as an informational tool. Informational?! Your website is not a bulletin ...

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Keep Your Head in the Game

Thurman Thomas

Years ago I was watching the Super Bowl between the Washington Redskins and the Buffalo Bills. It was actually January 26, 1992 and the game was so memorable that I thought it fitting for this article. Although the Washington Redskins ...

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Your Advertising Does Not Work


More accurately, inefficient and ineffective advertising doesn’t work! Today, as I was speaking with one of my clients, I asked what ad size they wanted to place within a specific magazine. To which the client responded, “Drop the ad, they’re ...

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The Yellow Pages Manifesto


What do business owners really need to know about how the Yellow Pages (YP) work today? For starters, YP is a marketing channel and like any marketing channel we must ask, “Is it cost effective?” Well, if you ask any ...

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Is Your Business Optimized?


Optimizing Your Business for Maximum Profit You may have heard of optimizing photos or search engine optimization, but have you heard of business optimization?   Optimizing photos is about making subtle changes to the image that produces the best quality ...

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Video Endorsement

Reynold Mainse, President of Mainse Media Group endorses the benefits of working with Small Business growth expert Carl Sarfi, President of Maximum Business Performance.

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