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Your Website Is A Business Asset

web-designIs your business website a digital asset or liability for your business?

Statistical surveys vary concerning websites, but in general, over 50% of business website owners view their website as an informational tool. Informational?!

Your website is not a bulletin board, or a digital brochure, or an online business card or even a virtual billboard. Your website is a distinct marketing channel and should be designed and treated as such. Your website can be a tremendous asset or liability, depending upon how you build it or have it built for you.

Think about it and ask yourself this question, “What is the purpose of my website?” Essentially, your website should engage your visitors, have a specific call to action and provide you an opportunity to communicate with the visitor in the future.

I was talking to a new client today about the importance of their website being an asset that we grow. The client was extremely frustrated with the traffic they were receiving from their current SEO provider. Although driving traffic to your website is important, it is not the first consideration. In fact, most websites and I do mean most websites are like a “barking dog”, once they catch the car they have no clue what to do with it. Metaphorically speaking, once your visitors come to whatever web page they land on, the website does not know what to do with the visitor. In other words, no call to action, poor layout and usability, hard to navigate, too many words on the page, words too small on the page, no optin form,etc.; the list of poor design is enormously long!

You may have heard that you have 7 to 10 seconds to engage the visitor or they’re gone. That means engage, to hold their attention with some value proposition that causes them to want to dig deeper and know more. It is critically important to have interesting and valuable information on your web pages. Not information that’s interesting to you, but interesting and valuable to your visitor.

The silent question your visitors are asking themselves is, “Is this relevant to me?”, that’s why Google is so successful. They answer to basic questions relevance and quality. Google is the eight-hundred pound Search Engine Gorilla because they know how to serve up the most relevant and quality content to their searchers, most of the time.

What that means is you must build a site that Google loves and not artificially inflate the traffic to your website through tons of back-links that Google will eventually shoot down.

Your First Priority

You must build a relevant, quality website, which is your first step in building a digital asset. At least in terms of a website. Remember, your website is a distinct marketing channel and like all marketing, it must perform or cut it. You can’t cut your website, because is it your marketing hub, so you must improve its performance.

About Carl Sarfi

Carl is the Founder/CEO of Maximum Business Performance, Inc. He is committed to helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses using effective business growth strategies.